What is Thriving Petoskey?

Thriving Petoskey is a program of the Petoskey Regional Chamber of Commerce designed to promote the concept of Conscious Business among the local business community.  Conscious Business is known by many names—Conscious Capitalism, Socially Responsible Business, Triple Bottom Line—but the idea is the same, to lead the advancement of the human quality of life in our community by promoting sustainable business practices that enhance our area’s employees, our community, and our environment.

The MISSION of Thriving Petoskey is to promote positive business practices that help our businesses and our communities thrive.

Our VISION is to have members of the Petoskey Regional Chamber of Commerce run profitable businesses while

  • Creating value for their customers, business partners, the community, and the environment
  • Creating a great working environment where employees are engaged, happy, and productive
  • Being a great neighbor to their community, state, nation, and world

“I was challenged one time to state the purpose of the Petoskey Chamber.  I responded by stating our Mission Statement, but he retorted with, ‘I think your purpose is a Thriving Community.’  That light-bulb moment gave me permission to think bigger as an organization leader and ultimately changed the way we do business at the Petoskey Chamber.  Conscious Business practices are now a part of our daily work.”

Carlin Smith, Petoskey Chamber

“Focusing on stakeholder management the last few years has allowed our team to become even more involved in the community increasing engagement and job satisfaction”

Ashley Whitney, Harbor/Brenn Agencies