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The Sustainable Development Goals are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and improve the lives and prospects of everyone, everywhere. The 17 Goals were adopted by all UN Member States in 2015, as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development which set out a 15-year plan to achieve the Goals.

Conscious Capitalism, Inc. supports a global community of business leaders dedicated to elevating humanity through business. We provide mid-market executives with innovative and inspiring experiences designed to level-up their business operations and collectively demonstrate capitalism as a powerful force for good when practiced consciously.

SOCAP Global (Social Capital Markets) is the thought leadership platform for the accelerating movement towards a more just and sustainable economy. They convene a global ecosystem and marketplace – social entrepreneurs, investors, foundation and nonprofit leaders, government and policy leaders, creators, corporations, academics, and beyond – through live and digital experiences that educate, spur conversation, and inspire investment in positive impact.

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Conscious Capitalism


Episode #61: The industry leading $20 billion Conscious Enterprise you have probably never heard of! The Conscious Capitalists

This week we explore how by following the core tenets of being a Conscious Enterprise, Grupo Bimbo has become the largest baked goods group in the world (think Sara Lee, Thomas, Oroweat and many other brands they own across the globe) while consistently being ranked as the most admired company in Mexico and winning wide recognition globally for its ethical business practices and being a great place to work. Hear a  practical and clear sighted view of how they ' build a sustainable, highly productive, and deeply humane company’ from their head of people, Juan Muldoon. Juan’s an unusual choice to lead the people function as most of his background in business has been in the commercial and P&L side of the business. Listen, learn and enjoy a wise leader in a deeply conscious company.  ** If you enjoy this podcast, would you consider leaving a review on Apple Podcasts/iTunes? It takes only a few seconds and greatly helps us get our podcast out to a wider audience. Please subscribe on Apple Podcasts / Spotify / Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts. For transcripts and show notes, please go to: https://www.theconsciouscapitalists.com Thank you for your support! Timothy & Raj
  1. Episode #61: The industry leading $20 billion Conscious Enterprise you have probably never heard of!
  2. Our Best Of: The Man Who Broke Capitalism: How Jack Welch Gutted the Heartland and Crushed the Soul of Corporate America—and How to Undo His Legacy
  3. Our Best Of: An Inspiring and Practical Walk Through a Purpose Driven Turnaround
  4. Our Best Of: Living a committed life
  5. Our Best Of: Addressing Financial Shame in America
Originally released on November 15, 2020, Episode 10 tells the story of the first six years of BIGGBY COFFEE’s transition toward Stakeholder Capitalism. Starting with a chance encounter around a fire pit on an island in the middle of Lake Michigan, to a vision that aims to change workplace culture in America, the BIGGBY journey is an excellent example of the difficulty and the distinction that accompany the work of integrating the 10 things you should know about stakeholder capitalism.Episode 10 is the final episode in the series, and the 10th thing you should know about stakeholder capitalism is that all it takes to start the process of transformation is a few good stories.If you’d like to help your company to begin or advance the work to transition to stakeholder capitalism, please share this podcast with your colleagues and if you’d like to do more, join Nathan, Amanda, the people who were profiled in this podcast series and many more like them in the Intrapreneur Accelerator.https://vimeo.com/469013008Here is a Ted Talk Bob and Mike did last year that will help you hear more about BIGGBY’s purpose: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72HFGoY0RrcIf you liked the music we featured in this episode, you can get more at:ØHNØKH△NYoung OceansSteven GutheinzJo BlankenburgMr. Moo
  2. The State of the Movement
  3. Cafe Momentum
  4. TRU Colors
  5. Televerde

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