Are You Thriving?

How do you know if your business or organization is thriving?  By our definition, a thriving organization has a purpose beyond its profits, has raving fans as customers, has loyal employees who love being at work, and is profitable.  How do you measure up?


If I didn’t have to work, what cause, organization, or passion would I pursue?
Is there a way to support that cause, organization, or passion through my work?


An engaged employee is defined as one who is fully absorbed by and enthusiastic about their work.  They have a positive attitude toward the organization and its values, and organizations with highly engaged employees regularly outperform those whose employees are not engaged.

Nathan Havey quotes Gallup surveys that say 68% of the American workforce is disengaged and many workers are actively disengaged, meaning they are so unhappy in their work that they try to sabotage the success of the organization.  What does that do to your bottom line?  In this period of workforce shortages, it is crucial that your business finds way to create a work environment that is high in workforce engagement.

  1. Do your employees dread Mondays and rejoice on Fridays?
  2. Is there positive social interaction among your workers?  Is there laughter in the workplace?
  3. Are your employees trusted with the company’s resources?
  4. Are your employees’ ideas and initiatives encouraged and appreciated?
  5. Do your employees know they are valued?
  6. Do you have difficulty finding and retaining employees?


  1. Do your customers use the word “love” when describing your business or organization?
  2. Do your customers smile when they walk into your business?
  3. Are your customers a regular referral source?
  4. Sales are built on relationships; do you have long-standing relationships among your client base?


The health of the region’s environment, and the quality of the community around you all contribute to the success of your business.

  1. What is the environmental impact of your business or organization?
  2. Have you/Can you take steps to reduce that environmental impact?
  3. How do you give back to the community?
  4. Are your employees allowed to, or encouraged to, participate in volunteer opportunities in the community?

If any of these questions give you pause, now may be the time to look into Thriving Petoskey!  Take the pledge, learn more, implement change one small piece at a time, and learn how your business can take it to the next level!