Petoskey is a wonderful place, but it is not short of problems. From affordable housing and poverty, to childcare and reliable transportation, we have a lot of obstacles to overcome if our community wants to truly be thriving.

Quality of life issues are also critical to the vitality of our businesses.  The Chamber boasts a membership of nearly 800 businesses, serving approximately 13,000 employees who are important to support. This is why Community is the Chamber’s third Pillar of Purpose.

What are some community issues my business should be aware of? 

While this is not an exhaustive list, the following local issues have emerged in the past decade as the most prominent, and we need collaborative local efforts to solve them: 

  • Safe, affordable housing
  • Reliable and affordable public transportation
  • Workforce development, retention, and satisfaction
  • Affordable childcare and early childhood education
  • Sustainable economic development
  • Water, land, and ecosystem conservation
  • Economic security and livable wages
  • Healthy food access and nutrition
  • Sustainable agriculture and local food
  • Community walkability and accessibility
  • Healthcare and mental healthcare access

Read the 2017 ALICE Report for Emmet county, a study of financial hardship for asset limited, income constrained, employed populations

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